Battery Recycling

 Battery Recycling Is Easy And Makes You Feel Good Too!

Did you know that you could simply put your used alkaline batteries into your recycling bin or save them up and take them to a Batteries Plus, Best Buy, or other recycling centers? Is it so easy and you can do your part to help reduce the metals and chemicals in our landfills, help the environment, and feel good too.

U.S. consumers purchase over three billion household batteries a year! Although the United States has made significant progress in increasing rechargeable battery use, 80% of all primary batteries sold are disposables.   
Those single-use alkaline AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V batteries are made up of 60-70% Zinc & Manganese Concentrate, 10-20% steel, and 10-20% paper and plastic.  All of which can be recycled successfully if we just turn them in.

A recent Massachusetts Institute of Technology life cycle battery analysis of household batteries demonstrates that recycling rather than disposal has a higher environmental payback. When recycled, the chemicals and metals are reclaimed and reused, cutting down on the raw materials needed to manufacture new batteries.

Of course, an even better way to help the environment is to use rechargeable batteries in the first place, but just take the first step by recycling those alkaline batteries and you will find out how easy it is, eventually you can take the next step and transition to rechargeable batteries.

Go ahead and try it…it is the right thing to do and will make you feel good!