The Clean Way To Play Dirty

Interested in motorsports? Worried about the impact of the hobbies you love? A company has begun to look at these impacts and concerns and are finally aiming their funding and development into creating a solution. Every die hard motor sport fan can appreciate this machine, a fully functional SCORE baja 1000 ready full electric pre-runner buggy. Since the 60's hundreds of people have been racing thousands of tons of metal through a 1000 miles course in southern California, most do not finish the race and end up with a broken down vehicle on the side of the course with all of its gas, oil, coolant, etc. draining into the desert substrate below. Technology and eco-conscious are at their peak right now and many racers are becoming aware of the impacts of the past and pushing for a better solution without outlawing their sport. SRD (strategic racing designs) are taking the lead and created one of the first high powered electric racers. The creators state that the car at only an 80% efficiency rate can get up to 450 horsepower and 700 foot pounds of torque!!! The car tops out at around 100mph and can get from the 80 to 120 mile mark on a battery. The interesting part of this is how they switch out the batteries, at a normal stop they would put in gas and tires, this crew is designed to replace the cars batteries which takes about 5 minutes. Something that is also very amazing is that with all the wear and tear on these batteries they are expected to last about 15 years. The life span for a standard car battery is about 5 years. The high performance auto industry is going to be the hardest group to transition into electric automotive simply because no one has been able to deliver (in recent years) a high performance high power machine, this could save auto racing throughout the country as urban sprawl has made suburbs push further and further out mainly to where existing race tracks are and then they establish sound ordinances and shut down the tracks, electric cars could be the solution to these problems!