Joining the NiMH Revolution!

Because of an earlier post on our blog, and some personal research and reading of Amazon reviews, I decided to purchase these NiMH batteries:
And this smart charger:

I looked at my battery usage and made some calculations, and I think my initial investment of about $34 will easily pay for itself sometime next year--possibly sooner! I am so excited to be able to do my part in reducing waste and pollution while also saving money in the long run. I hope you will take the time to do some of your own research or simply jump in with me now to start making the change from using alkaline batteries.
It can be done little by little too! Buy a charger and one pack of batteries, and as your alkalines die, simply replace them with your new rechargeables! When necessary, buy a pack of rechargeables if you start running out. That way you don’t see a huge cost up front!

The Amazon review I listed below was very clear and backed up much of the research I found on other websites: please check it out if you have further questions!