How Safe Are Electric Vehicles?

How safe are electric vehicles? Safe for the environment, yes. Safe for the user, possibly not... Currently electric vehicles are making their way onto the market and replacing the need or demand for fossil fueled cars. Without the sounds of a combustable motor how will people in our surroundings know where we are? They will soon not be able to smell the exhaust, hear the sounds of the car, completely relying on what we see. This not only proposes a problem for pedestrians and bicyclists but as battery power takes over, motorcyclists could be endangered. Many motorcyclists including myself will agree that their exhaust pipes have saved them from a few close calls on the freeway or in town. If electric motorcycles begin to take over how will other motorists hear them coming?
A new york times article begins to shed light on a solution for the pedestrian end of things, but at the end of the day it is safe to say that electric motorcycles could be far to dangerous in the first place to not have any noise at all.