Energy Storage Development

The demand for energy is always increasing as technology develops and devices become dependent on energy. A few sources of energy are solar power, wind power, geothermal resources, biofuels, nuclear generation, and fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas. When it comes to mobility, batteries are used the most to store energy. Batteries provide power for lots of things from cell phones to laptops to even cars, in which some cars are completely electric. In most cases for these batteries, they are rechargeable which helps save some of the resources used to make the batteries.

The most resourceful method of creating and storing energy is through renewable energy, and it is not the easiest method but it is the most resourceful because it consumes fewer natural resources and creates energy through resources that are pretty much unlimited since we cannot run out of wind or sun light because they are continuously replenished. Technology is continuing to develop and it continues to try to take advantage of renewable energy solutions.

A great example of what can be accomplished is the electrical cars. These electric cars do not consume fuel; they are just charged like a battery and driven. This displays the growth of technology and its effects as we see the conversion from using fuel dependent vehicles to electric non fuel consuming cars. Both solutions get the same thing done but one is more economical and it was accomplished through the development of energy storing technology. This is just a small step towards how we handle and use stored energy as we try to cut down use of natural resources for energy such as fuel or coal. As this technology develops, we may encounter even greater eco-friendly changes that become a norm in our society which saves us from using up all of our limited natural resources.