Disposable Batteries

When choosing batteries, it is very important to choose the right type of battery for your needs. No matter what type of gadget you are dealing with, there is always a specific type of battery that it needs.There is obviously a wide selection of batteries for everyday use, but the two most common ones are Alkaline batteries and Lithium batteries. Before really researching both types of batteries, I really did not know the difference. Alkaline batteries are the most commonly used disposable batteries today. They are used in devices such as digital cameras, remote controls, etc. These types of batteries cannot be charged. Once they run out of energy, you throw them away and replace them with new ones. Alkaline batteries last for long periods of time and they actually have no trouble performing at both high and low temperatures. The most popular brands of Alkaline batteries that you can buy today are Duracell, Energizer, Sanyo and Panasonic.

Lithium batteries are pretty much the same as Alkaline batteries. However, do not confuse them with Lithium Ion batteries, which are rechargeable. They are able to store and supply much more energy than Alkaline batteries, which is why they are much more expensive. Yet they do last longer. Another interesting fact is that they are approximately 33 percent lighter than the average Alkaline battery. Due to how long Lithium batteries last, they are actually becoming the more popular choice for dispoable batteries. They can also be used in devices such as digital cameras and MP3 players. The most popular brands of Lithium batteries that you can buy today are Duracell, Tenergy Propel, Panasonic and Energizer.
Some more research I found to be quite interesting is the Do's and Don'ts of battery care. First of all, it is always important to use the right kind of batteries in your electronics. Also, always make sure the battery is clean before inserting it or this could affect the connection between the battery and the device. Finally, make sure to store your batteries in a dry area at room temperature in order to maximize shelf life. There are also quite a few don'ts when it comes to caring for disposable batteries. Do not leaves batteries in hot places. This could cause them to leak dangerous chemicals or even explode. Also, do not carry loose batteries with metal objects of any sort. Finally, do not mix old and new batteries, or different type of batteries. This could cause a leak in battery acid or the batteries to explode. The do's seemed to be mostly common sense, but I am glad that I now know the don'ts of battery care because I never realized how dangerous batteries could be.