Converting... Bringing old cars to the light, car companies and shuttle services are now aiming their attentions at what some may consider a better way of investing funds into alternative energy power. These companies that may not have the ability to create their own hybrid or electric car can now take matters into their own hands by retrofitting an electric motor into their car to convert it to a hybrid or take it all the way to full electric. This in my opinion is much better than creating a brand new electric car because if we create all new models, we are going to have to use much more energy disposing of or recycling the old cars. This route allows the owners whether they be large companies or the average joe, to put their environmental conscious at ease. This article looks at the pragmatic components that go into this and how it can be very doable and profitable for many companies simply by applying for the grant funding, and even if they do not achieve what most would consider adequate funding, the math and statistics behind the products should sell themselves as the savings in gas and maintenance alone quickly payoff the conversion costs.

All of this is great, but on some level I am skeptical of what is going on. I feel as if people are doing this as a normal person, with one or so car as an ethical solution or they sincerely want to contribute in reducing their carbon foot print. It just seems so much that these companies are benefiting too much from the conversion processes, not only are they receiving grant funding, if applied for usually, but they get a whole new market of people who choose to live more sustainably, and not only that but most of the time they try to charge extra because of the prestige to say of the service as it is so environmental trendy as opposed to friendly similarly to that of organic fruits and vegetables. Don't get me wrong I think it is perfectly fine that companies are doing this conversion because after all it does help, but all of these articles just make them out to benefit from the trend and realization that we need change and they are just going to find more and more ways to fatten their wallets as opposed to general sincerity for eco and environmentally friendly solutions.