Closed Circuits - Open Resources

Have you ever wondered why batteries are flat on one end and have a circular nub on the other? It's because of what is called a closed circuit. Electricity storred in the battery flows outward through a conductor, sometimes to a resistor which regulates the voltage flow, to an object like a lightbulb, and then back to the battery.

This flow has to do with the positive and negative ions.  This process is happening in your laptops, your cell phones, your flash lights, anything that uses batteries. On a larger scale this is also how electricity is flowing through a building or a house. The energy is coming from a power station, the energy to that power station is probably coming from a wind turbine or water turbine built into a river dam. These natural resources enable us to build our cities bigger and maintain larger populations.

We should all be aware and respect these natural resources even though we cannot see them and the technicians maintaining them hard at work!