Battery Life and Management in Linux

I once had a Mac OSX laptop, but then I decided to switch to Ubuntu 12.04. Now, I'm running Fedora 18 on my laptop. It turns out that regardless of which operating system you are using, extending your battery life is pretty much the same, and it's very simple too. Increasing your laptop's battery life is important because it decreases the frequency at which you will need to buy new batteries. Besides being easy on your wallet, this is also great for the environment. The less batteries we are buying, the less materials we will have to recycle, and eventually trash when they are no longer recyclable. If you want to extend the life of your battery in Linux, the following are a few simple tools that will be useful to you:

cpufreq-selector - Is a tool that can be used to set CPU frequency

Use the cpufreq-selector to set the cpu to either powersave or ondemand mode, and you will save power.


These tools can be used to monitor and tweak your power settings at a more advanced level. For instance, you can disable hard drive activity when you're not using it. This is just one example of the kinds of power saving things that you can do with Laptop-mode-tools.

Another great tool for extending battery life, is the package pm-utils. This tool provides shell command line tools to suspend and hibernate your computer.


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