Different Energy Storage Techniques

Being from California, I decided to research different ways that energy is stored in my area. I found many different techniques and it was also clear to me that these forms of storing energy are not only used in California, but all over. These technologies deliver stored energy without generating electricity. I have come to find that they are so much more beneficial in the long run. The first technology is obviously the battery. Batteries are typically used to produce electricity that cannot be interrupted. They are obviously much more convenient overally. There are all different kind of batteries that have proven to be effective, such as the standard lead-acid battery, as well as the sodium-sulfur and lithium-ion batteries. Next form of energy storage that can be used are flow batteries. A flow battery stores and releases energy through a reversible electrochemical reaction between two electrolyte solutions. The website below mentions four different kinds of flow batteries. Another technology that has proven to be quite effective in energy storage is the flywheel. This device couples a generator with a rotating mass to store energy for short periods of time. These are very helpful for events such as power outages.
The above image is a more in depth description of a flow battery. It was a little confusing to me at first, but this gave me a lot better understanding.

This image portrays a very detailed description of a flywheel generator and how it works.

These forms of energy storage mentioned above, a long with many others have proven to be quite beneficial for many reasons. First of all, the quality of the power and the reliability are much stronger than other ways of electricity. Seond, they are actually a lot less costly in the long run. One other benefit that I found from these technologies is these technologies actually help to create jobs in related industries all through out the world and in our economy today, that is very much needed. There are so many more benefits, but I feel that the three mentioned above are more than enough to get people to start considering these energy storage techniques.