Batteries for Our Future

“Battery technology needed to support grid-scale energy storage will continue to advance. This new technology will play a big role in helping utilities meet renewable energy goals, while also reducing peak demand and thus allowing utilities to defer asset investments and reduce reliance on inefficient generating plants.”  - Mike Edmonds, SVP Strategic Solutions, S&C Electric

Batteries are a crucial component to a modern and innovative society. They not only provide power to seemingly non-essential devices such as video game consoles and hand vacuums, but are a crucial part of the success of modern living, comfort, and health. Battery utilization is destined to increase as demand for large-scale, stable, eco-friendly, and cost effective energy sources increase and the desire for fossil fuel dependency decreases. The need for batteries goes hand-in-hand with alternative energy sources such as wind and solar. Without batteries the energy supplies generated by these resources would be intermittent and unreliable. To use batteries in conjunction with renewable energy will aid in grid stabilization and energy efficiency. Advanced, eco-friendly, large-scale battery storage systems are currently in the process of development in order to utilize renewables in a greater capacity, preparing for the future demands of energy use.