Surprising ways to contribute to the Green Eating movement

By PSU EcoMerge Capstone - 5:12 PM

Besides the main ideas of Green Eating, which include buying local, growing your own food, and eating organic, there are many other surprising ways to eat green.  What do using a knife, keeping the door closed, and filling up the freezer have in common?  All are great ways of lessening your environmental food impact.  Instead of using a food processor to chop your food, utilize your knife skills and chop your own food, not only does it reduce your electricity use but also it can help you become a better cook!  While it is very tempting to peek at your food by opening the oven door, this has a negative effect on the environment. Every time you open your oven door to check on food, your oven loses between 25 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  Having a well-stocked freezer uses less energy than running an empty freezer.

More interesting ways to Eat Green:

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