Third world countries

Protein in third world countries
Protein deficiency is often found a bit in everyone. If you take a simple blood test then you can see if you are lacking protein and even other nutritious vitamins. “Protein deficiency is a state of malnutrition in which insufficient amounts of protein is taken in for the body to utilize in order to produce energy.”  If you take a look at the third world counties a majority of the deaths that are cause are due to a lack of protein that is available to them. Protein is necessary for the body to synthesize 13 amino acids and to break down polypeptide molecules into the nine essential amino acids that the body cannot manufacture on its own. Without the proper amount of protein in your diet your body then goes into starvation mood. This can lead to death. Protein-energy malnutrition (PEM) is the deadliest diseases out there. PEM is a lack of calories and protein found in the body. Protein is necessary for key body functions including provision of essential amino acids and development and maintenance of muscles.