Protein-packed Foods for Picky Eaters

Children (young and old) can be hard to please at the dinner table. Is your child on a food jag full of carbohydrates and fruit? As the mother of five, I have served many a meal that went unfinished, and lived to tell about it. Have you considered some of the many ways you could sneak in some high-protein foods to balance your child's diet?

Eggs are a budget-friendly and versatile protein source. 97% of the protein in eggs is digestible. Try scrambling them to serve with “breakfast for dinner”. Or add them to asian-style noodles or egg drop soup. Hard boil them for snacks or even a quick breakfast.

Shrimp, orange roughy, or salmon are all seafood choices that can be popular with many children. Try different ways of preparing, but often the simplest preparation can be the most popular.

Chicken breast is easy to add to just about any meal. Sauted, breaded, or baked chicken breast are all popular with children of all ages. One great way to keep chicken on hand for quick meals is by keeping a bag of boneless, skinless breasts in the freezer. 

Hamburger is a perennial favorite for most children. Hamburgers, meat loaf, or even meatballs are a delicious way to add some protein to the pasta. 

Lentils can replace hamburger in a tomato-based pasta sauce. Many children may not even notice a texture difference.