Protein, not just for your mouth.

Source Wikimedia Commons

Eggs are one of the better sources of low cost (both monetarily and environmentally) high density (15.6% protein by mass!) protein. But did you know they’re also great for your hair? The vitamins, amino acids (the building blocks which make up proteins) and other nutrients in egg yolks are often added to expensive high end shampoos to help repair and add shine to hair. But why shell out top dollar for fancy hair soap. Either take an egg yolk, whip it and mix it with some of your current shampoo and use as normal; or take a number of egg yolks (depending on how much hair you have) add them to dry hair and cover and let sit for 15 minutes before rinsing out. The same proteins that make eggs a great affordable diet choice will also leave your hair looking strong and healthy. Just make sure you don’t use very hot water when rinsing it out, or you might end up cooking your homemade remedy, and that would leave you with egg on your face. And in your hair!