pregnant women and protein

Protein foods for pregnant women
Believe it or not there is a list of different protein sources that are better for you when you are pregnant. The different protein sources are higher in protein then normal foods for you. Some of these foods are cottage cheese, eggs, steamed broccoli, leafy greens, lentis, power bars, oatmeal, tofu, nuts, Greek yogurt, seafood, and meats. All of these different food groups provide a variety of different nutrition for both you and your baby.
When you are pregnant your body needs a much higher intake of food, and a wider variety of nutrient’s and vitamins. Pregnant women bodies work harder to provide energy for their own bodies and their developing baby. While it is not good to consume all the protein that you need for  a day in one setting it is good to divide it into small size snacks/meals. The popular book titled “What to expect when you are expecting” suggest that a women eats 75 grams of protein a day when they are pregnant.
With the different foods that are listed above it can not only benefit you, but your developing child. It will give them the entire vitamins and nutrients that are needed to develop into a strong baby boy or girl; or even both.