How come I'm so fat?

Oh the senses that are aroused from the animal-based proteins that I enjoy every day. I wake up in the morning to the smell of grilling bacon. I can hear the sizzle of the butter as the cracked eggs slide into the pan. This is the breakfast of champions and helps me attack my busy day with energy like no other. When I return home from work, my wife has the coals in the bbq glowing and I throw on the porterhouse steak. The sight of the burning animal fat ensures me of an animal-based protein dream during the night. Finishing the 16oz steak has my stomach rumbling for the homemade ice cream I’ll enjoy for desert.

My latest visit to the doctor has shown that I am fifty pound overweight. He has decided to put me on a series of medications that will control my blood pressure and high cholesterol. My doctor tells me that I must change my diet and get more exercise if I want to live much longer. I justify my diet with my doctor by asking, “But where am I going to get my protein, if not from my animal-based sources?”

By searching the internet and finding this site,

I was amazed to find a whole new vein of viable protein sources without the risk of dying an early death due to heart failure. In his article, “My top 7 sources of Plant-Based Proteins”, Rich Roll writes that:

1.     Quiona is a high protein alternative to rice or pasta.

2.     Lentils are super easy to prepare.

3.     Tempeh is a protein packed alternative to tofu.

4.     Seitan provides about 25% of your RDA of protein.

5.     Beans are great in soups or salads.

6.     Spirulina contains all essential amino acids and finally,

7.     Hemp Seeds are a great addition to breakfast cereals!

Now I’ll have to admit that reading about these plant-based protein alternatives was like reading a foreign language. I had never heard of many of these options. But in exploring this website, I couldn’t help but notice the physique of Mr. Rich Roll. There were certainly no signs of an excess 50 lbs., and I suspect that his doctor did not have him on any kind of blood pressure medication? Is this the motivation you can use to find alternate protein sources? It sure has me thinking!