Animal protein versus vegetable protein

We are all getting our knowledge and information from different sources, like magazines and books, word of mouth, but mostly from the Internet. We are often exposed to different kinds of information. We might or might not approve of it but if there’s enough evidence, we might go along with it, even if it’s something new or perhaps something totally different from our perspective. We are all equipped with multiple intelligence that helps us understand how our world works, look at it from different angles, and even put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. With this in mind, it is relevant to understand that a change in mental representation results in a change of mind. Consider your options, animal protein versus vegetable protein. The recommended daily allowance (RDA) is 10% of calories from protein. Animal protein in comparison with vegetable protein is high in fat and cholesterol. In addition, extra protein is also very acidifying to the body, and it must strip calcium from the bones to counteract the acid. As a result people can experience osteoporosis later in life. Why not try a vegetable protein diet? Have an open mind, because sometimes trying something new could expand your horizon.