The Smelly Truth about Deodorants

Everyone sweats, and everyone’s sweat makes them stink! Sweat is a natural process the body does to cool you down. I assume everyone wears some kind of deodorant or at least I hope so, but when you’re going down the health care aisle at the grocery store and looking at all the different choices of sticks you can use, do you really know the difference between them? All deodorants you see at the store are either a good old “deodorant” or an “antiperspirant”. There is a huge difference between the two! Deodorants are simple, they are applied to just counteract the smell of your armpit, and it does nothing at all to fight the sweatiness of them. The main ingredient that does this is triclosan which makes the skin in your armpit too salty to support the bacteria that is there that makes you smell bad. Antiperspirant is a whole different story, they actually keep you from sweating, and without that sweat in your armpit the bacteria in your pits have nothing to eat!

Obviously antiperspirants sound like the way to go right? But there is a draw back to them, the aluminum ingredient commonly found in antiperspirants have been shown to cause DNA mutation and cancer. Also on the majority of antiperspirants there is a warning label on them telling you to consult with your physician before using this product if you have suffered from kidney disease. Apparently aluminum can be fatal in large amounts to people with impaired kidney function!

So now that you know the difference you can make the choice that better fits your lifestyle and your pits or you can just wear no deodorant at all!