Olympic Beauty?

Although the 2012 London Olympics came to a close last weekend, some of us (including myself) are still in the Olympic spirit. A lot of Olympic athletes not only train hard for the games, but also strive to look their best also when representing their country— since there's cameras everywhere they look when they take the big stage. Some athletes have taken a step further and have gone towards permanent cosmetics (yes, I said permanent— like tattoo permanent!).

Divers Mariya Koroleva and Mary Killman (photoed above) from the United States' synchronized swimming team have revealed this to be their secrets in avoiding running makeup from their faces when coming out of the water. Possibly one of the most (if not, the most) extreme solution in alternatives from conventional cosmetics, it also provides as an advantage since female athletes don't have to apply/re-apply makeup after grueling training sessions, yet can still look and feel good in front of large audiences. Not only does it improve their looks, but the divers say they wear make-up so the judges and audience members can see them from a distance.

Permanent cosmetics can run a person from $100-800, and must be retouched every 2-6 years.

(Source: FemaleFirst)