Leading Organics Cosmetics Line 'Intelligent Nutrients' Coming to Canada

 Leading natural and certified organic brand Intelligent Nutrients (IN) will soon be making its way into Canadian market. IN is best known for combining its knowledge in 'food science' and incorporating it into its cosmetic line in using food derived ingredients. Founded by Horst Rechelbacher (the same man who founded the renowned Aveda Corporation), the company advertises that they are one of the few true and honest natural cosmetics companies since they actually carry an Organic's Certified label for all their products. Rechelbacher advocates strongly against 'greenwashing'— where most companies today mislead their consumers in buying their "natural" or "organic" products, but don't carry the certification or actual approval.

In his description of his own company Rechelbacher explains, “..what we put on our bodies should be as safe and nutritious what goes into our bodies", which has been the main theme for all of his products. Today IN offers many products such as hair, skin, and nail products— all of which use eco-friendly and sustainable packaging.

You can purchase Intelligent Nutrient products today in their selected retail shops or online at: http://www.purestembeauty.com

(Source: PRWeb)