Estee Lauder: Environmentally Friendly Company

One of Estee Lauder’s main goals is to have long-term success and they don’t believe that would be possible without taking into consideration the ecological impacts their business has on the environment. They make the effort to find the most environmentally friendly materials and non-processed chemicals as well as often updating their manufacturing facilities and processes to decrease their waste and emissions. The company is also very firm in their recycling program and has programs to recycle glass, plastic, metals as well as paper and corrugate materials. They also try their hardest to recycle and reuse waste materials when it is possible, but when it isn’t they send the left over waste to energy recovery facilities.

Since the year 2007 Estee Lauder has been able to offset 100% of its operations’ electricity usage.

Estee Lauder doesn’t believe in animal testing and has eliminated the process from their company. They don’t test their products or ingredients on animals and neither do they ask anyone to do these tests for them. The only testing they conduct with their finished products is on panels of volunteers. They also help fund research to eliminate animal testing from the industry as a whole.
Estee Lauder has implemented a plan for their packaging called “Our Environmental Packaging Goal” which focuses on finding ways to minimize the impact on the environment their packaging has.
This company is very environmentally aware and conscious of their carbon footprint and is doing many things to reduce it. Other companies should make this a priority as well, but if these morals are important to you, maybe this is a company for you to support in the future.