A More Natural Method For Eyebrows

You've probably seen it offered at your local mall - the latest method to deal with unwanted facial hair - threading. This technique has been around for hundreds of years (if not longer) and is commonly practiced in East Asia and the Middle East according to the FacialThreading.com website.

The process works by using a piece of thread in a twisting motion to latch onto hairs and then the hairs get pulled out of the follicle, similar to tweezing but quicker and easier. Threading is a great alternative to waxing  for people with sensitive skin issues like Rosacea. Threading has less contact with skin than wax as wax pulls on the skin while hair is removed which causes irritation for some people. The redness left behind from waxing can last many hours but the pinkness left from threading is usually gone within an hour or two tops. Additionally, threading is a chemical free hair removal method which is better for the earth and for your skin. Wax contains resins, preservatives and can even contain artificial fragrances whereas threading is completely "organic".

Threading isn't just for women either...the video below shows a man getting his eyebrows threaded:

You can even thread your own eyebrows, as shown in this video:

Threading isn't just for eyebrows either, it can be used to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body, especially other types of facial hair.

Consider threading the next time you go to a professional for hair removal!