Some Steps Being Taken

Overfishing is a problem. It is such a problem that some experts peg 2048 as the year that seafood supplies in our world’s oceans are finally fully depleted. So yes, we know that it is a problem, but what’s being done to prevent this from happening?
Canada shows us some examples of the work being done where they launched “operation driftnet”, to prevent illegal fishing in high seas which threatens salmon in the area. They patrol ocean water as far out as 200 miles looking for vessels not adhering to laws set in place to prevent the stockpiling of fish. “Over the years, this joint operation has been responsible for the apprehension of several vessels and has served to deter illegal high seas fishing, including playing a key role in shutting down destructive illegal salmon fishing activities. Violations have resulted in fines, seizure of boats and prison sentences for ships’ crew members (Fisheries and Oceans Canada).” Actions such as these will make illegal fishers think twice before they implore practices of illegal driftnets which are a big source of the problem of overfishing.
In the European Union they implemented the Common Fisheries Policy, where it is the goal of the EU to reduce the size of fleets that are heading out to the waters to best meet the resources that they have. While this policy has been put in place, some countries in the EU have not met this goal and have been warned by the EU of their infringements (beach” While this policy has not been met with perfection, we do at least see the EU taking steps to reduce the number of vessels in the waters that will help balance out the resources that are needed without putting at risk seafood in the region.
Seafood is a big part of the resources that help feed people in this world, while also providing an economic impact that helps world economies. With a seafood shortage it puts at risk peoples health and livelihood. It is important that more action such as the actions above to ensure that seafood is around for the long haul or the impact of doing nothing will last an eternity.

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