I am grateful! I live in a country where I don’t wonder where my next meal is going to come from. I have choices in my food. I can decide in what ways I want to give my body the nutrients that it needs to function at the level that I want. If I need protein, I can make a decision on several different types of food that will give me protein. I think that many folks have this opportunity, but imagine if that opportunity was taken from you, and you only had one source to get the protein that your body needs. Now imagine if that food source could be on the verge of extinction.
Unfortunately this isn’t imaginary for several people in this world. Several being quite an understatement as 200 million people depend on fish as the main resource of their protein. Most people wouldn’t see this as a problem because they see our oceans as an unlimited resource that will offer people its glorious resources for all time. This is not the case and the consequences could be dire. Some estimates have our oceans running out of seafood by the year 2048 due to the problem of overfishing. That’s right, all seafood by 2048 gone. If these estimates hold true we could see a major spike in protein deficient people across the world and we need to act now.
No one is suggesting that you should stop eating seafood. We need to find a system that can reduce the waste and put quotas on what is being caught. These aren’t easy problems that can be solved overnight, but spreading the message and getting people informed is a great first step.