European commission green lights increase to fishing quota

 One of the problems with overfishing is that it is a complex cycle of different factors working together to benefit human kind but indirectly depleting fish stocks. As the population grows the demand for fish grows. As the demand for fish grows faster, then the technology becomes more efficient and more bountiful. As technology becomes more efficient then the cost of operations start to rise for the business. Now the business needs the fishermen to catch more fish so they can pay for operations and provide a product. Now here lies a new question, how do we keep the price of fish affordable?

Economics teaches us that high demand is a product of low supply and vice versa. Economics also teaches us that the higher the supply the lower the price can be. So with fish stocks depleting due to overfishing, which is the result of high demand that needs to stay at an affordable cost, it is quite shocking to see that the European commission is increasing the fishing quota for fisheries 11% higher than what is recommended by scientists. The EU has rationalized their decision by saying that fish stocks are starting to rise again but scientists argue that any increase in fishing activities would destroy the healing that is starting to take place in the oceans.  After years of restricting catch numbers and regulating fisheries to help the oceans repopulate, the moment successful results come in the commission decides to go back to their old practices. How can we make a difference if we are not willing to learn from our past mistakes? Why are we going to allow history to repeat itself when we know what the result will be? Overfishing seems to be confused as a rash rather than a cancer. It seems like the only way to make a proper change to better the earth’s resources and humanity is to look at the complex cycle of different factors and make changes that will better nature’s future which indirectly is humanities future.