Bycatch - another Overfishing Problem

Bycatch is the fish and other wildlife caught during commercial fishing practices that are not the target species.  When fish are caught that are not the targeted species, are too small, or do not live up to the quality standards we are use to, they are thrown back into the ocean, more often than not, already dead.

"One-quarter (25%) of all the fish pulled from the sea never make it to market." - Green Peace

Green peace estimates that 11 MILLION TONS of fish are discarded annually because they are accidentally caught during shrimp harvesting.  It is not uncommon for a shrimp harvest to be 90% fish and only 10% shrimp.

Bycatch laws are beginning to be put in place, but stricter regulations are still needed.

Living creatures are being wasted and killed unnecessarily on a daily basis.  Next time you take a bite of your favorite dish, think about how many other finned fish had to die for that serving of shrimp.