What you can do to make a difference with overfishing

There are several specific things that an individual can do to make a difference to help reverse the effects of overfishing.  First and foremost, the individual needs to be informed and educated about the global and local impacts of overfishing, so they should read up on issues concerning the topic.  Secondly, the consumer should choose and eat fish with the lowest impact.  Consumers can use Seafood Watch best choices to purchase seafood which are abundant, well managed, fished and farmed in environmentally friendly ways.  People should avoid over fished and seafood which are farmed in ways that harm other marine life or the environment.  Also, people should purchase “ocean friendly” tuna instead of “dolphin friendly” tuna (Pepjin).  And lastly, consumers should let their voices be heard.  Use word of mouth to communicate the problems with overfishing and the effects against the oceans and ecosystem if it continues.


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