Overfishing and Culture

Most often than not overfishing isn't a major topic you hear about on the news or read about in newspapers on a regular basis. Though whether or not we hear a lot about it, overfishing is definitely an issue that persists and is something that doesn't have an easy fix.
Most of us know what overfishing is: that is, in its simplest form, catching too many fish, more than can naturally be replaced. We all know that overfishing is a "bad thing", and can lead to the depopulation of outright extinction of species of fish, but it is a touchy subject for some and there seems to be no clear-cut solution. Some cultures rely on fishing and fishing has been there way of life over numerous generations. They feel that fishing is their right-- and while I can agree with that this is no excuse to cause issues with the ecosystem. A middle ground must be found, a solution that can benefit everyone, all across the world. We must find a solution that we can all agree on, and we must use all of our available resources, including more naturally and scientifically, to ensure that each species of aquatic wildlife continues to thrive.