The topic of overfishing deals with many factors of how people live their lives. Overfishing can be defined as catching too many fish resulting in a threat of marine species to replace themselves. Throughout history people have sought out to use fish for their oil, as a source of high protein food, also the profitability that industrial fishers had from the cheap and easy access of many varieties of fish. People have become very accustomed to be able to purchase whatever they want, when they want it. The demand that consumers have for the wide array of fish selections are from the supply of the fishing industries. The demand for a large range of fish choices that are left up to the consumer, increases the likelihood of overfishing. When the demand for fish is greater than the supply of living fish, the population will soon deplete. The fishing industries want to make a profit, and only will provide product that will generate revenue. If the consumer were to stop and acknowledge the problem of overfishing, and that creating a demand for exotic fish is unnecessary that could help the trend of decreasing the population of fish.  I think it would be cool to involve those around our community in this issue, and for people to become aware of the seriousness that overfishing has on our economy, and  ecosystem.