Common Types of Overfishing

There are three commonly accepted types of overfishing.  These include recruitment overfishing, growth overfishing, and ecosystem overfishing. 

--Recruitment Overfishing: Depleting the older population of fish with overfishing which prevents proper reproduction.  The species can no longer replenish because there are not enough flourishing adult fish to replicate.  This is the most common form of overfishing.

--Growth Overfishing: Harvesting a fish population at a smaller size which does not allow for the producing of the maximum yield per recruit.  It can be prevented by reducing fish mortality rates and allowing for full growth.

--Ecosystem Overfishing: Diminishing a fish population by overfishing it, which in turn shifts the balance of an environment. This causes predators that can no longer rely on food sources of smaller fish, smaller fish populations increasing because of a decline in predators, etc.