The Problems With Protein

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Protein in the diet is not as harmless and anodyne as a great deal of people think. Too much protein in the diet can cause heart disease, constipation, kidney damage, tumors and cancerous growths, biochemical imbalances in the tissues (overacidity) bone-loss (osteoporosis), and arthritis. For example, bone loss, or osteoporosis, may occur when calcium is being partially removed from the bones, and a total bone loss of 1 % or more per year may be the outcome of a high-protein diet. Excessive protein does not make only the liver work more, but also the kidneys, so they do not manage to remove superfluous acids which are toxic by-products of protein metabolism. Experts found a link between cancer and a high-protein diet which contains cheese, eggs and, of course, meat, because the latter are potentially carcinogenic. Another side of the problem is that people become to consume high-protein food in order to lose weight, trying to replace the body’s first element for fuel – carbohydrates. All these high-protein diets just fool the body: instead of needed carbohydrates, it tries to convert acid-forming proteins into energy. But the worst thing here is all-protein, or liquid-protein diets. They can cause serious, even fatal heart problems.;postID=1103865911893174403