Protein for kids

Protein is an important staple in our diet no matter what age you are. I for one have lots of experience with picky eaters and I am sure a lot of you out there do as well. I want to help you find some good high protein foods for your kids and those picky eaters in your life. Here is a list of the top high protein foods for children as found at

·           Eggs- these can be given to kids in the form of scramble eggs and omelettes of a great and sneaky way to get them to eat them is in French toast!

·         Shrimp- this can be a bit more difficult to get kids to eat (I didn’t try shrimp until my late teens!) but experiment with different ways of cooking it and you are bound to find a way they will eat it. It can even be pureed and mixed into other foods!

·         Orange roughy (fish) - it has a very mild not “fishy” taste. It is very high in protein (half your child’s recommend daily value in one serving) and again you can experiment with different cooking techniques to see what you can get away with.

·         Lentils- they can be pureed and mixed into so many soups and sauces and can even be used as a replacement for ground beef in spaghetti sauce. 

·         Chicken breast- chicken is such a versatile food item. If you can’t find a recipe your kids will enjoy then start digging around the internet your are bound to find a few ways they will eat it. Think pizza or using chicken as an alternative to ground beef where you would usually use it. 

·         Salmon- suggests lining up various dipping sauces for your child to try with their salmon so they may find a way they enjoy it. You may even find some new ways for yourself to eat this seafood favorite.

·         Lean beef- as long as you are using lean meat, beef is a great choice for your dinner table. It can be used in numerous sauces and soups and what kid doesn’t like a hamburger?

·         Soybeans- these can be ground up and mixed into a hamburger or even be found in numerous veggie burgers. You can also boil and lightly salt edamame as a great movie time snack alternative to popcorn (it’s one of my favorites!)

Eco-friendly Protein Sources From Around the World

In certain cultures around the world, creatures like beetles, stink bugs, and grubs are not seen as pests, but as food items.  In places where protein sources are rare, they are a vital part of the diet.  These creatures are quite eco-friendly as food.  They consume relatively little, and do not require grazing land or antibiotics.  Perhaps these crawling, wiggling animals will have a role to play in a greener future.
Beetles are fried or roasted and are said to taste like scallops. They are a cheap treat, where they are readily available in the wild and are whole, with shells and all.