USDA, Michelle Obama, & American Nutrition

Do you care about the future American diet? Does life expectancy and diseases such as Alzheimer's, cancer, cardiovascular, and diabetes concern you? You can become informed and find ways to live a healthier lifestyle by following a few easy guidelines. Agencies are currently working with world leaders to help to promote healthy nutrition. 


The USDA and the First Lady are attempting to increase the awareness of large companies and consumers on what is readily available in the majority of grocery stores and institutions in America. Healthy alternatives that promote nutrition and sustainability are at the forefront of conversation and research. Meals that are readily available to the elderly, children, and the poor have become an increased concern for those involved in developing healthy diets and proper nutrition. Developing trends in nutrition that challenge the declining health of Americans is a part of the solution. Stress has been put on providing vegetables and fruits in place of alarmingly high sugar, protein, and fat snacks. 

Michelle Obama Unveils New USDA Food Plate. Vegetarian Star.