Protein on the go!

In a day of fast food and convenience it can be difficult to make healthy and protein filled choice when not at home. It is recommended that, in order to keep the metabolism working properly, we should be eating up to five small meals a day and those meals should be protein rich. The problem is the difficulty carrying around traditional proteins and keeping things interesting so that a healthy diet can be attainable. Who is going to carry around a chicken breast or steak in their purse or back pocket? It can be agreed upon that the key to keeping a healthy diet on-the-go is planning, so why not make sure that there are plenty of protein rich snacks with you at pretty much all times?

Here are some ideas for protein on-the-go that do not need to be refrigerated:

Jerky- high in protein, low in fat, various flavors, and low-sodium options

Soy nuts- high in protein, fills the need for that “crunchy” snacks, many flavors

Nuts- Almonds, peanuts, and cashews are protein filled

Protein Powders- can be added to water and come in many brands/flavors

Protein bars/energy bars- come in many flavors/brands

Tuna- Believe it or not it is now available in sealed pouches that do not need refrigeration

If you are at work and have a desk you can keep a few things in consider keeping a small container of peanut or almond butter handy with some whole wheat crackers. There are always good choices that can be at the ready for healthy snacks with just a little planning.

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