Back to the Start

This commercial from the Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant chain premiered this week. The commercial shows, in two minutes and twenty seconds, what has become of our meat industries, and what has happened to our farmers. It also shows what can be done, and what they are doing, to make a change. It is so important to be aware of where your meat comes from. We all need protein in our diets but we have choices as to where that protein is sourced and how it is processed. It's as simple as making choices. For example, if you are running out for a quick lunch and you have the choice between Chipotle and another fast food chain, you can make an educated choice that supports sustainable farming and the humane treatment of animals.

 Bravo to Chipotle for making this commercial and airing it on National television.

Read more about Chipotle's mission on their website, and about their Cultivate Foundation here.