Academia & Sustainability-Pacific NW

UBC has garnered Canada’s first gold rating in a new international sustainability program.

Do you want to become informed on issues pertaining to nutrition and sustainability? If you live in the Pacific NW than there are ways to become academically involved in your own backyard. Several universities around the Northwest are developing research and forming new ways to promote alternative nutrition sources and sustainability. Schools such as Portland State University, UC Berkeley, Stanford, University of Washington, and University of British Columbia in Vancouver are making sustainability efforts towards nutrition a centerpiece for their respective institutions. 

Pacific Rim industries such as fishing, rich soil valley farming, vineyards, and a large agri-sector has created a backyard for students to explore alternative methods of research and helped to develop new technologies for more practical sustainable techniques. Between the Puget Sound and Palo Alto lies libraries of information  in the Natural Resources and waters of Pacific Rim coastal environments. This has developed a bedrock for sustainability efforts. Sustainability efforts have overtaken many campuses and their communities. Evidence of this has been seen in UBC's sustainability program that has reached gold standards internationally.