Protica Inc. Rebrands Protein

Protein comes in many shapes and sizes, but up until now most people thought of it as a nutrient provided by animal product or soy. Thanks to Protica Inc., though, people can now experience protein in jelly form. The company's "Protein Gem" product boasts twenty five grams of protein (as much as two chicken eggs) in the form of multiple fruit flavors. It's intended to be a replacement for sugary snacks commonly eaten by working people who don't have the time for a full meal.

Keep in mind, though: there are many sources of protein, and many offer benefits that won't be satisifed by Protica's products. A quick look at the labels of these treats will show that despite their high protein content, they provide absolutely zero vitamins and few other nutrients.

Protein Gem isn't necessarily unhealthy, any more than vitamin supplements are -- but it's no substitute for full meals including animal, dairy, or even bean protein. The nutrients that accompany natural protein sources are just as important as the protein itself.

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