Protein and Your Heart - HDL vs. LDL

Did you know that there are 2 types of Protein? One that is "good" for your health (hdl cholesterol) and another that creates heart disease and clogs your arteries known as "bad protein" (ldl cholesterol)? Bill Clinton and many others in America are realizing the extreme health hazards associated with "bad protein" and as a result are changing their diets. These diets are practically vegan with heart doctors recommending legumes, beans, and small amounts of fish as a main source of protein. The newfound solutions to high-cholesterol diets just so happen to promote sustainability. Alternative food sources have become increasingly popular due to these efforts. Growing numbers of adults between the ages of 35-90 are becoming more concerned with their protein source. 

Cardiologists are increasing their efforts to address the average American diet by recommending check-ups and solutions bi-annually to patients. Medical doctors are offering check-ups for patients that have reached the age of 30 and advertising that appointments are fully covered by all major medical insurance cards. 
Attached below is a CHOLESTEROL IQ Interactive quiz that will introduce you to the increasing problem of cardiovascular disease and alternative/sustainable diets that can help.
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