A little info on SOY!


A little info on soy!! Soy is not just for vegetarians, or vegans, as a fellow meat eater I LOVE soy! “Soy is a complete protein, equal in quality to animal protein.” (soynutrition.com)It is beneficial to everyone, especially because its a grown crop! its not chemically based and is extremely great for your body. There are many benefits to substituting soy into your diet its low in saturated fats, high in vitamin D and amino acids, its a great way to increase bone health and can help with reproduction, menopause and other diseases. 
It’s a great source of iron and can help reduce the risk of heart disease, it has also been known to help reduce risk of some forms of cancers, it’s great for women, children and men! 
Of course its smart not to overdo or over eat anything just like you wouldn't just eat meat for every meal! “Two to 4 servings a week is a good target; eating more than that likely won't offer any health benefits and we can’t be sure that there is no harm.” (facts aboutsoy.com)
If your interested in Soy meals and idea’s and more facts you can go to Pinterest.com or google and search soy, and meals, ice cream, and smoothies will pop up! Broaden your protein intake! Try soy!