Easy Solutions for More Protein

In a schedule and have a hard time eating the amounts of protein that is required? There are alternative sources in order to help get the protein needed into your diet. From yogurt, granola bars, cereal, and protein drinks there are simple things that can be added to a diet to help get the protein that is needed.
                If eating yogurt is something you do on a regular basis there is a simple way to eat more protein by just switching brands. Here is a breakdown of some different yogurts and their protein content:
·         Activia – 4g
·         Yoplait – 5g
·         Dannon all Natural – 7g
·         Oikos Greek Yogurt – 12g
·         Chobani Greek Yogurt – 14g
Granola Bars:
                Granola bars are easy to eat in the morning, on break at work, on the way to a sporting event, or as a snack. With the choice in granola bars as well it can be easy to get more protein from different brands.
·         Quaker Chewy Granola bars – 1g
·         Nature Valley – 4g
·         Kashi Chewy Granola Bars – 4g
·         Cliff Bar – 9g
·         Balance Bar – 14g
·         Cliff Bar Builder – 20g
                Cereal is a common breakfast time meal from kids to parents. It’s quick and easy to make, and when in a hurry a good choice. There are also smarter choices in cereal that can help you get more protein.
·         Captain Crunch – 1g
·         Froot Loops – 1g
·         Special K – 2g
·         Cheerios – 3g
·         Raisin Bran – 5g
·         Go Lean – 9g
Protein Drinks:
                Protein drinks might not be everyone’s choice, but there are different choices that can help. Whether it is used for, a breakfast meal or a snack on the go, it can be an easy way to get more protein.
·         Carnation Instant Breakfast – 5g
·         Slim Fast Shakes – 10g
·         Special K Protein Drinks – 10g
·         Gatorade G Series Protein – 16g
·         Whey Protein Powder – 25g

If protein is hard to come by in your diet there can be easy solutions to get the amount needed. Whether that means switching up the breakfast cereals, yogurt, granola bars, or protein drinks there are products out there that have been made with more protein so it is easier to put into a diet.