Rent a Living Christmas Tree!

With 15 days before Christmas, there's still time to rent a living christmas tree if you haven't gotten your Christmas Tree up. The Living Christmas Tree company is based in San Diego where their mission is to change the way California celebrates Christmas" began the year I spent my Christmas vacation delivering trees for Bob's Nursery in Manhattan Beach. Gleefully singing Christmas carols in a silly Santa hat, I was amazed at the sheer magic and merriment created by the simple act of bringing a Christmas tree into the house. The tree delivery signaled that Christmas in the home had truly begun. Contrasting that intense happiness was the sadness I felt in seeing that same tree discarded by the curb in the weeks that followed Christmas.

They also have adopt a tree program. Tree Adoption allows customers to reserve a particular tree for the coming year. Prior to pick-up, a family can choose to adopt their tree by filling out adoption papers. Please tie a used ribbon securely to the tree so the delivery elves know that your particular tree is reserved for adoption. Adoption Papers must be filled out before your tree is picked up.

There is a $50 maintenance fee for adoption, this helps off-set the additional labor required to sort the trees. Adopting Parents will, however, receive a $20 gift certificate towards next year's rental along with an opportunity for early elf specials.