recycling old lights

Are your old holiday lights too much to untangle? Have they all burnt out? Are you ready to upgrade to energy-efficient LED bulb lights?

If you are a Madison resident, you can recycle your old lights. Madison has implemented a recycling program for old holiday lights. There are two drop off locations that will be open all month long. This way, old burnt out or overly tangled lights can be reused for their wiring, glass, and plastic. This also saves on waste going to landfills. These sites are also accepting electrical extension cords.

Don't have a lights recycling program in your city? Start one!!

Here's how:

1. Contact your local recycling company and find out if they can recycle old lights.
2. Set up recycling locations in convenient areas in the city.
3. Spread the word!

In no time, you will be not only a steward of the environment, you will be a part of making this holiday season all the more cheery.

madison recycles xmas lights