Recycling behaviours.. Which one are you?

Found this interesting.... What type are you?

"The Thwarter – Proud of being the only person NOT TO RECYCLE on the street, The Thwarter will actively prevent anyone trying to recycle anything in their home. You must obey and put everything in the kitchen bin, even newspapers, which are the easiest thing in the world to recycle. If you are really bothered you can take your recyclables home with you were you know they will be harnessed!

The Pedagogue – Every teacher has a pupil. To make a good teacher you must be sure to answer any of the student’s queries, always praising good efforts. The pupil has to look for guidance on certain materials – e.g. yoghurt pots because they are confusing and every London Borough has a different system. Sometimes the pupil will make a grave error or be disobedient. Sometimes punishment is required!

The Hoarder – This Hoarder takes full control and has responsibility for all recycling tasks. Sometimes The Hoarder has the wider responsibility for all rubbish, which involves taking out all bins on the right day. Religiously sorting bottles day-by-day, by size order. Burning confidential documents in the chiminea. Defined by the characteristic of expressing displeasure and even stress if the rubbish tasks are interfered with by anyone else.

The Arbitrator – No piece of recycling passes the judge’s keen eye and inquisitive hand. Sure of the fact that only they know what can/can’t be recycled The Arbitrator doesn’t trust other household members, and checks the recycling bin for rogue materials. The motivation isn’t to maximise the load;  it’s to prevent incurring any fines. The Arbitrator doesn’t recycling confusing materials like plastics as won’t run the risk of a levied fine."


So which type are you? I hope that you are the type that  helps  and contributes to stop damaging our planet. If not, a positive change would not hurt, don't you think?