Out of sight out of mind!

As you're eating dinner you begin to get full and decide you're done with your meal.
Next you slowly scrape the leftover scraps of mashed potatoes, salad and steak in the garbage.
The following Tuesday your garbage man arrives bright and early to pick up the trash.
You run through the house frantically grabbing any left over garbage.
Yet when the garbage man leaves, your trash becomes "out of sight out of mind".
Have you wondered where it all goes?
Well once our garbage is collected it is transported to a landfill. By definition, a landfill is a depression in the ground where trash and waste are stowed.
Once trash reaches the landfills it's either buried or or burned.
That's why it's important to recycle to keep our landfills free of any toxic waste that may cause harmful effects to our environment, but to us as human beings.