A New use of Old Tires.

Lots of people knows that you can't just throw or burn old tired. Rubber is a harmful product and needs to be handled safely. Tire recycling is the best option, but it is not a widely used practice.

Rubber is difficult to recycle due to the procedure known as “vulcanization,” which it undergoes to attain its springy, flexible nature.Vulcanization is a curing process that involves adding sulfur to rubber, which creates stronger bonds between the rubber polymers. Due to the vulcanization method, tires are difficult to melt for reuse and are therefore typically broken down by a mechanical process.
Initially, whole tires are shred into strips using rugged machines. The shredded material is then placed in grinding machines that use rotors to further shred the material and remove the steel fibers from the tire. Some processors also use powerful magnets to further draw metal from the rubber.
Once the bulk of the steel is removed, the strips are placed into granulators. Depending on the consistency desired by the end user of the shredded tires, the rubber can be milled into assorted sizes of granules that are useful in a number of industries.

Seal Brand is a company from Japan that reuses tire tubes and creates bags, wallets and slippers with tires. "SEAL (Seal)" refers to recycling (waste products) is the concept of brand bags. The initial product is durable, "Waste tires and tubes for large cars" used as a material, bags and shoulder bags, messenger bags, and sold / manufactured goods. Because of recycled tires and tubes, one of the world is a product of a slightly different look one by one point. 

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