a new use for all those old cassettes

With technological innovation comes waste, as old technology falls by the wayside and is replaced by new technology. With the rapid rate of innovation seen in the music industry, many of us are left with stacks of unplayble 8-tracks, cassettes, and compact disks. It leads us to the question, what can be done with these, other than sending them to the landfill, or letting them collect dust in our living rooms?

 Inspired artist and musician Alyce Santoro came up with an idea: Sonic Fabric. It is a fabric that blends 50% cassette ribbon and 50% polyester thread to create a beautiful fabric that is used in fashion by the company.

It can be a great holiday gift! A Sonic Fabric tie retails for $120, and can make a great gift for the music lover in your life. Not only are they clever and very stylish, they can actually emit a sound when a tape head is run over them!

Not only is this recycling idea extremely clever, it is a great example of how a touch of inspiration can lead to a great reuse of what would be trash.

Buy Sonic Fabric this holiday season to promote recycling, and give a unique and stylish gift to someone who will appreciate it.

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