Green Living at its Best!

Do you ever tell yourself (or others around you) that you want to start to lead and live a "greener" life but you feel so overwhelmed because you have no idea where to start? Worry no more because has come to your rescue!

Green Living Ideas is a website that offers just living ideas! The ideas offered range from climate change to natural health and everything else in between! The website educates its readers on the various forms of green living, how to live sustainably, and where to find other resources on fair trade, organic, and raw foods. The site even gives holiday energy saving tips that are so easy and simple you can get the kids involved!

I found the most useful part of the site in the home maintenance section of the Eco-Friendly Living page. I just purchased a home this summer and I am finding a lot of waste involved with making repairs around the house as well as remodeling the kitchen! I also have a house full of four legged furry critters and their post about eco-friendly compostable kitty litter was definitely useful because I hate using the conventional clay kitty litter that is full of who-knows-what. All I know is that it can't be good for me...or the cats!

Another great post was on how to make your own reusable cleaning wipes! I have yet to find a conventional product that claims to be green and actually does a good job at cleaning. Why spend all that money for something that's harmful or doesn't work when you can make your own?!

There is so much information to be obtained at that you could literally spend hours perusing the site and educating yourself on some new, cool, and fun ways to take green living into your own hands and implementing a routine process within your own home.

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