With the cold winter months quickly approaching, my husband is counting down the days until the last seasonal mowing. We were discussing earlier today when would be a convenient time for him to mow, which got me to thinking about how we generally just throw away our lawn clippings. With the average of mowing the lawn every two weeks, that really adds up over the year. After a little bit of research, I found an alternative solution to simply throwing out lawn clippings (which are a form of municipal solid waste). The average American home throws away seven hundred pounds of lawn clippings per year, which account for almost 9% of municipal solid waste (MSW). That's a pretty good chunk of the overall MSW; so how can we cut down on the disposal of lawn clippings? The answer is....grasscycling! Grasscycling is simple, easy, and convenient for any lawn owner. The main aspect of grasscycling is to leave the lawn clippings on the lawn when mowing-simple enough. As grass is 85-90% water,  leaving the lawn clippings provides natural and organic nutrients for the grass, which will keep your lawn healthier and much more vibrant. On top of that, grasscycling means no raking or bagging of the grass clippings, and leaves more time to enjoy that freshly mowed lawn!