from diapers to...something else?

Approximately 98% of parents use disposable diapers, for a variety of reasons. Some say it is more sanitary, or just easier than using cloth diapers. Even determined mothers and fathers find themselves using either both disposable and cloth diapers, or switching over completely to disposable ones with all the challenges involved in using cloth diapers.

Diaper waste is a huge problem, as diapers comprise 2.4 million tons of waste each year in the US alone. A typical baby will use 6,000 diapers between birth and potty training. So...what can be done about this?

A company in the UK called KnoWaste has developed the technology to make disposable diapers recyclable! They can also recycle feminine products and adult incontinence products as well. They system works by first sterilizing the product, shredding it, and sorting it. From there, the plastic components of the product can be recycled into useable plastic. The fiber components are processed as well, and are made into a useable fiber.

How can we get this technology stateside?
KnoWaste has issued a global challenge, wanting to make diaper waste a thing of the past worldwide. We can lobby our local politicians to bring KnoWaste here, and work towards eliminating diaper waste in the US.

Write letters to your local representatives telling them about KnoWaste, and that you want this here, in your community. With the right combination of tax funding, subsidies, and consumer connections, this can be a reality here as well. recycling

KnoWaste website